Housing at Big White is in High Demand

Housing at Big White is in High Demand

Colder temperatures have arrived in the interior of British Columbia. And, at higher elevations, there has been an abundance of snowfall. For many residents, this has sparked excitement for the upcoming ski season. At Big White, there has been steady snowfall for the last few weeks and eager mountain-goers are gearing up to hit the slopes. It’s that time of the year when everyone is doing inventory checks of their snow gear and getting prepared for the winter ahead. However, in all of the excitement, it seems as though Big White has not accounted for staff accommodation. Because of this, owners of housing at Big White are being encouraged to rent their property to staff for guaranteed income.

In this article, we will be going over the benefits of investing in housing at Big White and how you can generate additional income with your property. 

What is the Staff Housing Problem at Big White?

Ever since COVID-19 hit Big White in 2020, it has been difficult for staff to find housing. Before the pandemic struck, most staff would rent out a large house that could fit 12-16 people. Within these homes were amenities such as entertainment rooms, outdoor hot tubs, and TVs. However, homes like these that used to be rented out to staff, are now being used as B&Bs or personal vacation homes. This is because the owners of these properties sold their large chalets/cabins during the pandemic. Consequently, the turnover in ownership has caused a lack of seasonal rental options. Instead, most residences are being rented on Airbnb. 

While this is great for the mountain, it isn’t so great for incoming staff who need places to live. According to vice-president Michael Ballingall, there were “less than 10” Airbnb listings prior to the pandemic. Currently, there are over 400. In order for the upcoming season to go smoothly, it is imperative that there are enough staff beds to support the mountain’s busiest season. Without staff, things tend to move a lot slower (ie: lift lines, entertainment, restaurants, etc.). However, this is great news if you want to make some extra cash off of your housing at Big White.

Is Housing at Big White a Good Investment?

Housing at Big White is a lucrative investment for anyone who is interested in purchasing a vacation home. There are so many uses for a property at Big White. No matter what season it is, Big White always has something going on. Because of this, tourists and mountain lovers are always looking for a place to stay. If you own housing at Big White, there is a great opportunity for short-term and seasonal rentals. Especially given the 2022/23 staff housing issue. 

As of right now, Big White is advertising to owners of housing at Big White in an effort to get more staff housing. To sweeten the deal, all owners are being offered guaranteed income for renting out their homes to staff for the season. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is struggling to find renters or is looking for an alternative way to make additional income. Furthermore, it is a great incentive to buy a property at Big White. 

People who don’t want to buy housing at Big White this winter, but are looking for something for next season, will be happy to learn about the new developments in the works. Because of the staff housing shortage, Big White planners have been drawing up tons of new housing plans. This will provide the mountain with even more accommodation options as traffic increases. 

Big White is set to open on November 24 snow permitting. However, Ballingall has stated that they’ll open the mountain as soon as there is enough snow. Big White has consistently been ranked as one of the top ski resorts in North America. And, this year they were voted fourth best in the continent! Thus, making Big White a desirable place to buy property. 

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From rental opportunities to amenities, Big White is an incredible place to own property. Contact us at Big White Property Group today for more information about investing in housing at Big White. Whether you use your property as a personal vacation home or a rental unit, the possibilities are endless. We would be happy to help you find a property that reflects your wants and needs. For more information, be sure to check out our Big White neighborhood map and guide to find the right place on the mountain for you! We look forward to working with you in the near future!



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